Minimum order of $20. Any order under $20 will be canceled and refunded.

Delivery on the 1st Friday of every month of freshly harvested microgreens!


Choice of:


  • Supreme Health Mix - an 8oz blend of our Healthiest microgreens can include Kale, Cress, Broccoli, Chia, wheatgrass


  • Hot n’ Spicy - an 8oz mix of our spiciest, microgreens can include Spicy Salad mix, Radish, Mustard, Cress


  • Sweet n’ Juicy - Sunflower, Cantaloupe and Sweet pea are some of the crunchy sweet microgreens in this 8oz package


  • Morning Smoothie Blend - Our 8oz smoothie blend will reeve up any morning, containing microgreens like Kale, Pea, Sunflower and wheatgrass. This mix screams flavor and health.


  • Protein Punch - Add some extra protein to any snack or meal with microgreens like Garbanzo Bean, Speckled Pea and Mung Bean


  • Keep it Fresh - A rotation of our blends

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Monthly Subscription
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