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Greens: Amaranth - red garnet; Beet - dark red Detroit; Broccoli, Buckwheat; Cantaloupe; Carrot; Chia; Cilantro; Cress - curly; Kale; Mustard - southern giant; Pea - speckled; Radish - red arrow; Salad Mix - spicy; Sunflower - black oil; Swiss Chard - rainbow


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Amaranth - red garnet: Mild sweet flavor with vibrant red color

Beet - dark red Detroit: Crunchy, earthy & juicy

Broccoli: Soft and fresh with mild broccoli flavor

Buckwheat: Mild citrus with tart & tangy undertones

Cantaloupe: Tender with cantaloupe flavor & aroma

Carrot: Delicate with soft carrot flavor

Chia: Soft and slightly bitter

Cilantro: Full, crisp cilantro flavor

Cress - curly: Delicate & soft with a strong spicy flavor

Kale: Nutty & crunchy with strong kale flavor

Mustard - southern giant: Spicy mustard flavor

Pea - speckled: Succulent sweet pea taste

Radish - red arrow: Large, crunchy and full of radish flavor

Salad mix - spicy: Nutty & fresh with a spicy kick

Sunflower - black oil: Crunchy and fresh. A kids favorite

Swiss Chard - rainbow: Earthy and soft

Variety of 4 package